European Association for Home Economics

For some time the European members of IFHE have been discussing the benefits of setting up a more formalised group within IFHE and at the Council meetings in Sligo, the Association was formed.

The objective of the Association is to promote in particular science, education, research and communication within the field of Home Economics.

This objective is to be implemented in various ways including cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience, European projects and publication of resources. For full details of the board members of EAHE and the plan of action for 2010-2014 log on to and click on the Region of Europe.

For 2012 only, the membership fee of £10 was paid for all UK IFHE members.

Like all memberships, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. In this instance, perhaps the Association might be useful if you are hoping to get work in Europe or membership of the Association might look good on a CV. Perhaps you may wish to exchange ideas with a fellow Home Economist practising in another European country. Who knows - it is early days yet!